Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Military Chaplains Facing New Kind of Fire

Chaplains have been a key part of the U.S. military for hundreds of years, even before American won independence from Great Britain. Their ministries follow the call of duty and their church is often a battlefield. BUT NOW many Christian chaplains fear the recent acceptance of homosexuality may silence their biblically held beliefs.  [Read more:  http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2011/july/under-fire-life-of-militarys-spiritual-guardians/ ]    ---  Pray for the Chaplains of your U.S. Military and they serve with their military members around the world.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

HOW TO PRAY Strategically for the Safety of the United States.


InfraGard is a partnership between the FBIand the private sector. It is an association of persons who represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the U.S.   [ Pray for these sixteen major sectors of our country. ]

Please continue to Pray for our Chaplains in all Branches of Military Service.

Military chaplains have long been a source of comfort and inspiration for the men and women of the armed services — perhaps never more so than in times of war. Service members who are deployed experience stress not only from combat, but also from environmental hardships and separation from family and friends. Having a chaplain to confide in can help service members better cope with these pressures.1

Monday, November 26, 2012


Ezekiel 37 reminds me that we cannot mobilize an army of intercessors without the work of the Holy Spirit. Without His guidance and His breath of life we would neither discern the issues at hand, nor speak meaning into the situation before us. Three stages of obedience appear in the passage. First, in verses 1-3 Ezekiel goes to the place where God presents him with the big-picture dilemma.... 
"Son of man, can these bones live again?" Ezekiel plants himself in a place where he doesn't shy away from questions that are too big, or too heavy, or too far-reaching to answer. Instead, he trusts God to enlarge his vision and broaden his understanding along the way. He answers, "Sovereign Lord, You alone know," ultimately trusting God with the outcome.
Second, in verses 4-8 Ezekiel speaks the Word of God as he is commanded. In a context that is dry and motionless he speaks action and health. Rather than relying on his own intuition, he hears God's voice and becomes His mouthpiece. Suddenly, the bones come together, "bone to bone." Tendons and flesh appear, as well as skin for covering. With this second step of obedience comes greater revelation.
Third, in verses 9-14 Ezekiel waits for the anointing of the Holy Spirit, relying upon the breath of life to make the vision complete: "...they came to life and stood upon their feet-a vast army." The prophet speaks and then trusts God to add flesh, muscle, spirit and life.
What about us? With our burden to mobilize a vast army committed to pray for America, are we also committed to wait for the Lord's anointing, to speak His Word as commanded, and to trust Him with the final outcome?  I pray that as you join us in saving America through prayer, the destiny of this nation would be revealed to us in greater and greater ways as we walk in obedience before Him.

Blessings in Christ, 

Dave Kubal
President/CEO of Intercessors for America

by Derek Prince  Derek Prince

Isaiah once warned against the wrong attitudes associated with the kind of fasting that is not acceptable to God, and contrasted these attitudes with true, practical charity: If thou take away from the midst of thee the yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and speaking vanity; and if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul. (vv. 9-10) "The yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and speaking vanity" may be summed up in three words: legalism, criticism, and insincerity....


Thursday, September 29, 2011


National Terrorism Advisory System

Department of Homeland Security Seal: National Terrorism Advisory System

What is the current NTAS level?

 The Secretary of Homeland Security has not issued an elevated or imminent alert at this time.

This page contains any current NTAS Alerts and archived copies of expired alerts.

The National Terrorism Advisory System, or NTAS, replaces the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS). This new system will more effectively communicate information about terrorist threats by providing timely, detailed information to the public, government agencies, first responders, airports and other transportation hubs, and the private sector.

It recognizes that Americans all share responsibility for the nation's security, and should always be aware of the heightened risk of terrorist attack in the United States and what they should do.

Learn More

Action Center

Friday, July 01, 2011

A Possible Threat to Churches is Real. Emergency Plans are Necessary.

Terror threat -- U.S. churches in danger
Becky Yeh - OneNewsNow California correspondent - 6/30/2011 3:55:00 AM SacBee Press Releases
Caution signWith the recent airing of an al-Qaeda video that encourages Muslims to attack religious institutions, Christian churches are being warned.

In a video released by al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn, the American-born Muslim asks jihadists to quickly obtain guns and carry out terrorist attacks against the West. He states that Muslims are placed in the region to "do major damage to the enemies of Islam, waging war on their religion, sacred places, and things and brethren."

"That's very troubling," admits Steve Amundson of the Florida Security Council. "Adam Gadhan lived here in Southern California for a number of years. He studied under Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi at the Islamic Center of Orange County, which is in Garden Grove."

church steepleGadahn's statements to U.S. Muslims follow the death of Osama bin Laden. In response, the Christian Emergency Network has issued a warning for churches in the United States, and Amundson advises Christians to stay alert.

"Churches, just like everybody, I tell them to be vigilant; be aware of your surroundings," he urges. "Don't walk around like everything's okay, because we're in different times now, and it's time for Americans to be vigilant, be aware, [and] be alert because something could happen."

Churches are also advised to have an emergency team ready and to regularly conduct emergency drills. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

VA Bans Mention of God at Funerals for Vets

VA Bans Mention of God at Funerals for Vets

"The hostile and discriminatory actions by the Veterans Affairs officials in Houston are outrageous, unconstitutional and must stop," said Jeff Mateer, Esq., general counsel of Liberty Institute.
June 30, 2011

The Department of Veterans Affairs and its Director of the Houston National Cemetery, Arleen Ocasio, are engaging in religious viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, by adding new incidents of religious hostility.

Director of the Houston National Cemetery, Arleen OcasioSince taking the directorship of the Houston facility in April, 2010, Arleen Ocasio has used her position to bully Christians, repeatedly trampling on the religious liberties of Veterans of Foreign Wars District 4, The American Legion Post 586, and the National Memorial Ladies.

On March 15, Director Ocasio told Nobleton Jones, Honor Guard Junior Vice Commander, that he couldn't say "May God grant you grace, mercy and peace" to grieving families.

"The hostile and discriminatory actions by the Veterans Affairs officials in Houston are outrageous, unconstitutional and must stop," said Jeff Mateer, Esq., general counsel of Liberty Institute. "Government officials who engage in religious discrimination against citizens are breaking the law. Sadly, this seems to be a pattern of behavior at the Houston VA National Cemetery."

Our friends at Liberty Institute have amended an earlier lawsuit against the VA that states the new violations against religious liberty include:
• VA Forbids Mention of God at Funerals for Veterans and Requires Families to Submit Prayer for Approval to the Government
• VA instructs the VFW and a Private Funeral Home that they may not present the option of prayer to families
• VA Tells Volunteers to Remove "God Bless" from Condolence Cards to Grieving Families
• VA Closes Cemetery Chapel; Uses it for Storage

You can read Liberty Institute's detailed report of Director Ocasio's offenses here.

Director Ocasio has already been successfully sued this year for religious discrimination. Obviously, she is not qualified to be the director of a National Cemetery and should step down.

Send an email to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki. Ask him to 1) stop his department's religious discrimination and 2) relieve Director Ocasio of her duties.

Chaplain Retired:
I wish for you a very Happy 4th of July.  But it seems the basis and the freedoms from our foundation and all the wars we've fought are being negated by the enemy within.

I spent 26 years in the military, twenty as a Chaplain.  I retired in 2002.  I am deeply upset at the way not only Vets are being treated, but the audacity of our Government leaders to trample on the very faith and freedom for which these Vets have paid life and limb to secure ... for us. 

This is a spiritual stronghold that needs to be confronted in the name of Christ, just as boldly as the opposition in prayer.  And then also call upon the Law of the land to defend us, by God's grace and power.  It must be restraint in the Spirit realm, so that the legal may prevail.  I pray the family of God in Texas will raise on behalf of these, but ultimately the entire country.

God bless you and keep you strong.   ~ Chaplain Joe

Monday, January 17, 2011

Military Chaplain Retired - bringing God to the People, and the People to God.

On behalf of the many chaplains retired, I say, thank you LORD for the privilege to be a Military Chaplain - and even now continuing to "bring God to the People, and the People to God."

What a joy it was for me to serve 26 years in the military.  In 1961, I joined the Air Force to see the world ... and guess what?  I was sent back to California, my home state!  And I spent four years at Mather AFB as an enlisted member.  But that was all part of God's plan for my life.  And I am forever grateful to Him for His loving kindness to me.

In 1964 I was blessed by a man, Marvin Ladner, who mentored me as a young Christian man who was somewhat floundering with his life.  This ministry leader with the Navigators  here in Sacramento took special time to encourage and teach me what it meant to walk with Jesus.  He was an incredible godly man who is now walking the streets of heaven, and worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I owe much to his mentor-ship in my life.

I separated from the military in 1965, graduated from Cal State University at Sacramento in 1969.  I met my wife, Dianne, at Arcade Church, in Sacramento, and we were married in 1968.  After we both graduated from college, off to Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, I went while she was a Registered Nurse in a hospital there, and supporting hubby through graduate-school.  In Portland, I was an intern-pastor for four years at Cedar Mill Bible Church,  graduated by from seminary, and later, 1973, we join OC Ministries working for Luis Palau Evangelistic Team, and then later the O.C. team in Brazil.  In 1981, we returned to the states and moved to Sacramento, and became involved with a public ministry in the political and businessmen arenas.

 After a couple of years in Sacramento, the opportunity opened to join the California National Guard as a chaplain with the Army and later with the Air Guard.  And in 2002, I retired from the Air Guard in California.  I have often missed the chaplaincy ministry and opportunity to serve the members of our military stateside and overseas.

During our public ministry in Sacramento, I have worked with Fellowship Foundation, later founded the non-profit, 501c3, Capitol Fellowship Foundation, and now as a d.b.a., California Fellowship Foundation. Under this banner our community ministry has continued and has grown even more since military retirement.  It's also a joy to serve God's people with the National Day of Prayer Task Force, as their Western National Area Leader, and to serve the prayer mobilization ministry statewide, and beyond.

Truly, however, the most difficult times I have had in the military were to minister to a prospective dying military member in the field or at a hospital, or to a family member.  In chaplain school they taught us to keep talking to the dying or dead individual for 2 to 3 minutes after being pronounced dead.  It is argued that the individual is more than likely to still be able to hear you.  Words or encouragement or guidance in those closing minutes and seconds may make all the difference in the world and beyond to the listener.  Whether it was fully scientifically verifiable or not, being able to hear or not, did not prevent me from speaking to the passing individual. I'd rather believe they did hear and that my speaking brought comfort and hope.  To the right you will see links concerning death and dying.  There are many good articles, links and studies on the Internet concerning this subject.  I pray God will lead and prompt you to the ones that can be of the most help for you in your time of great need, grief and sorrow.

Here are some highlighted passages from the Holy Bible that may be of comfort and encouragement to you.   John 1:12-13John 3:1-19John 5:24John 14:6,    Acts 16:31,   1 Corinthians 15,   Hebrews.  9:27